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Frequently asked question for the match subscription system

Where can I express my squadding wishes? How can I achieve to be squadded together with my fellows?

At the initial subscription you select your squad to be scheduled to. Fellows can look up from the competitor list which squad to join. You can even change your squad later.

How can I change my registration data or squadding?
How can I download a match invitation?

At the match main page you find the squad schedule, where each competitor name is a link to the personal data page, which you can access with the code that was assigned at the initial subscription.

At this page on the right side there is a link to your personal invitation.

For changes that cannot be made at the personal data page please contact the match responsible by email.

I want to work as RO but don't want to shoot. How shall I subscribe?

Please contact the match contact person by e-mail.

What does the match status mean?

  • announced: Match data has been announced but no futher data has been published. No link to details page.
  • planned: Details available, no subscription possible.
  • pending: Details are fixed, subscription possible after start of registration.
  • final: Organisation is complete, subscription possible after start of registration.

What does the competitor status mean?

  • pending: Entry fee has not been received or slot is not confirmed yet.
  • final: Entry fee has been received, slot is confirmed.

Suffix -locked states that the competitor cannot change squad himself.

In the match overview page there is a dot displayed after the green or red button. What does that mean?

The competitor is locked and cannot change squad. See above.

There is a magenta square near the competitor's name. What does that mean?

There is a collision which another slot in this or another match. Follow the link behind the square to the colliding occurrence of the competitor name.

There is a blue square near the competitor's name. What does that mean?

You likely mixed up your first name and family name during. As you cannot change the names of your slot yourself, please ask the match admin to correct it. If there is no mistake, please ask a system admin to update the list of valid first names.

For match organisers

Can I host a match at this system? What does it cost?

The match system can be used for free on a fair use basis. As this is no professional or commercial system, you are free to ask and suggest, but please don't expect that all wished can be satisfied. Anything may change without notice and no features is guranteed to function properly.

What is neccessary to host a match at your system?

At first there is needed all neccessary data to have a complete announcent for the match:

  • match name
  • region
  • hosting club name and website link
  • location and website link, full address
  • match date, registration start date, registration deadline
  • gun type, available divisions and categories, match level
  • number of stages
  • number of squads (total/per day)
  • number slots per squad
  • entry fee, payment information
  • match contact information including email address
  • Match Director name and email address
  • Range Master name and email address
  • Stats Director name and email address


  • invitation contact name, mobile phone number, scanned signature and club seal
  • stage profles
  • Sponsor information and logos for the website
  • Sponsor information and logos to be printed in the sheets

What do the fields/keywords in the match definition mean?

See: Match definition

How can I import the data to WinMSS?

In the "papers" section, download the "WinMSS6 data" and save it to the Desktop of your computer.

Rename the downloaded file to "" (otherwise it will NOT WORK!).

Start WinMSS and chose "Match->Import" and select to import from the computer's Desktop. Check the "Update competitor information" checkbox.

What data is necessary for the certificates?

You need the "Results Overall" from WinMSS in "*.asc, *.txt, *.…" format (which is the only choice for four file extensions). Save it as file and upload the resulting "results.txt" to the file name "results.csv" (!).

For the certificates to be shown you also need the entry "Certificate: …" in correct format in the match definition. There must be images of the match directors signature and competition logo deployed in the system, too.

If there is a team scoring for the match, open results.txt in a text editor and for all competitors who are in a team, add two fields "team name" and "team rank".

How can I add a new squad in the middle?

Add a new squad at the end, with zero slots. Verify that the new squad is empty.

Call,77, replacing <YOURMATCHNAME> with your match URL name and the "77" with the number of the squad after which you want to add the new squad. All shooters with a squad number greater than the chosen number will be moved to the next squad. Take care that you do not move shooters to squads that not exist!

Rename all squads to the wanted headlines and slot numbers.

What data is necessary for PRACTISCORE use?

First update your Practiscore to the latest version

You need data in .CVS file extension

Log as admin.

In the sheets section,chose PractiScore data(IPSC) and copy/paste all data into a blank Excel sheet and save it as CSV (comma-separated values) file.

Send this new file to your device.

Open PRACTISCORE, chose SYNC, Spreadsheet Import', 'Import Registration then search your file and voila.

How to define score sheets

Edit Match. Remove # to validate the line.

Stage1: 2;5PL,2P,4T

Meaning: Stage 1, 2 hits per target, 5 PLates, 2 Poppers, 4 paper Targets

(No need to count No Shoot targets)

How to establish downloadable personal invitations

Create a PDF document per your requirements that has an empty space somewhere at which the name of the competitor can be printed. Upload it to the invitation.pdf instance of your match's upload section.

Edit your match, adding the PDFInvitationTopSkip field specifying the space in centimeters from the top of the sheet at which the output should be put. Verify your choice by opening the invitation link in the upload section (!) and adjust if necessary.

How to publish results

You already extracted Results from WinMss in .PDF on your computer.

Choose Upload on the top page Tab.

Choose "results" line: PDF, then "search" to find your overall results file, then send.

Same procedure for stageresults, etc.

Why is my match marked as "invalid"?

Likely you changed the contact information and it does no longer match any of the predefined data sets. Due to our GDPR agreement please do not change contact information without consent.