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Geco IPSC Masters 2021

KlubHeidelberg Practical Pistol Club e.V.
Mittlerer Weg 11
76661 Philippsburg

Friedrich Grepperth
+49 175 263 0445
Miejsce zawodówSchießanlage Philippsburg
Mittlerer Weg 11
76661 Philippsburg
Ostateczny termin04.08.2021
Rodzaj meczuIPSC Handgun
Ilość torów15
Liczba strzałówapprox. 280
Strzelany w1 dzień
Opłata startowaEUR 125,-
RO and helpers EUR 115,-
Payment deadline: 04.08.2021
respectively 3 business days after subscription if subscription is after payment deadline. Competitors who do not pay in time and are not marked as paid will be removed from the match and will not participate in the match.
No money back after deadline!
No transfer of slots after deadline!
Competitors on the waitinglist will pay after they get a slot.
State of payment processing: 09.09.2021
KontaktMarkus Wohlmuth
MatchdirectorHarold Ruzanji
RangemasterMarkus Wohlmuth
SkarbnikHarold Ruzanji
KomentarzeFun and Challenge
Minimum Age is 18.
Pricetable for the winners.
Daily raffle within participants.
Helping with patching or setting up steel is mandatory if requested by the stage personal.

Maximum magazin capacity 20 rounds !! See magazin rules!

No visitors allowed.

registration on stage: Piątek 10:00 Sobota / Niedziela 08:00

RO-meeting near range 7: Piątek 09:30 Sobota / Niedziela 07:30


Travelrestrictions for international competitors

RO volunteers please report by email to Markus Wohlmuth
Daily supply for RO and nonlocal helpers EUR 80,- + lunch and dinner on the range (sunday only lunch).
Friday evening RO-briefing with BBQ.
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