Güstrow Steel Challenge 2021

КлубPSG zu Güstrow e.V.
Email: info@baltic-shooters.de
МестоSchießplatz "Großer Bockhorst", Koppelweg
18273 Güstrow
Окончание регистрации20.07.2021
Тип матчаSteel Challenge
Колличество выстрелов150
Выстрелено в2 hours
Стоимость участияFirst division: EUR 65,-, each additional division: EUR 45,-
Оплата payment within 7 days after application
Competitors who do not pay in time and are not marked as paid (green) will be removed from the match without any warning.

Slots are not transferable!

Receiver: PSG zu Güstrow
Bank: Post Bank
IBAN DE08100100100849423103
Reference: "Güstrow Steel Challenge 2021" / "Name"

State of payment processing: 01.05.2021
Контактная персонаFrank Thiel
Hauptstraße 44
18211 Bargeshagen
E-Mail: info@baltic-shooters.de
Tel.: 0172/3152671
Директор матчаFrank Thiel
Главный судьяAxel Zarmstorf
ПримечанияOpen to members of the BDS or another recognized German Shooting Sport Federation as well as foreign guests; Holster experience is required.

You can only register one start per time-block.

With too few registrations, the organizer reserves the right to change the schedule and/or put together squads or divisions.

We are still looking for RO and other helping hands. Volunteers please contact the orga team.