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Shotgun Cup 2019

ClubHeidelberg Practical Pistol Club e.V.
Mittlerer Weg 11
76661 Philippsburg

Friedrich Grepperth
+49 175 263 0445
LocationMittlerer Weg 11
76661 Philippsburg
Match typeIPSC Shotgun
Roundsapprox. 160 (126 Bird 26 Slug 8 Buck (max 9 pellets))
Shot in1 day
Entry feeEUR 120,-
RO and helpers EUR 110,-
Payment deadline: 20.02.2019
respectively 3 business days after subscription if subscription is after payment deadline.
Competitors who do not pay in time and are not marked as paid will be removed from the match and will not participate in the match.
No money back after deadline!
No transfer of slots after deadline!
Competitors on the waitinglist will pay after they get a slot.
State of payment processing: 29.03.2019
ContactMarkus Wohlmuth
MatchdirectorFriedrich Gepperth
RangemasterMarkus Wohlmuth
StatsdirectorJürgen Öfner
CommentsMinimum Age is 18.

Gun law
-Outside the range shotguns must be unloaded and in a locked bag/case separated from the ammo.
-Pumpaction must have minimum barrel length of 45 cm (18 inches) and overall length of 95 cm (38inches)
-Semiautos are restricted to a maximum magazin capacity of 10 rounds
-Knives with a fixed blade over 12 cm and all one hand operated folders are not allowed to carry

Thursday 09:00h Building
Friday 09:00h Building
Saturday 08:30h - 09:30h Registration Match day 1
09:50h Match day 1
16:00h - 18:00h Registration Match day 2
Sunday 08:45h - 09:30h Registration Match day 2
09:40h Mandatory briefing for all competitors Match day 2
09:50h Match day 2
16:00h - 18:00h Registration Match day 3
Monday 08:45h - 09:30h Registration
09:40h Mandatory briefing for all competitors Match day 3
09:50h Match day 3

Helping with patching or setting up steel is mandatory if requested by the stage personal.

RO volunteers please report by email to Markus Wohlmuth
Daily supply for RO and nonlocal helpers EUR 80,- + lunch and dinner on the range (Monday only lunch).
Saturday evening RO-briefing with BBQ.
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